Resale of cars

Nearly-new used cars for fair prices

Resale of cars

Nearly-new used cars for fair prices

Is the lease contract of your KBC Autolease vehicle ending soon? And is the vehicle fairly new and well maintained? Then this is not the end of the road for the car. On the contrary, the Remarketing department of KBC Autolease gives cars a new lease of life with a new owner: trader or private individual. KBC Autolease offers you, the customer, the highest possible residual value and thus attractive lease rates.

For the private buyer

Looking for a nearly-new used car? Make sure you contact the Remarketing department of KBC Autolease in Londerzeel. KBC Autolease does not abandon cars whose lease contract has ended. On the contrary, they are given a new lease of life with their new owner.

What are the benefits of a nearly-new used car? They have not driven many kilometres and are in excellent condition, both in terms of bodywork and mechanics. If your car passed through our eco carwash and maintenance areas, it will seem like you are driving off in a brand new car.

Your car comes complete with a 12-month guarantee and all documents for its registration.

Interested in our offer? Visit our website and discover the variety of models on offer.

For the professional car dealer

KBC Autolease organises weekly car auctions for professional buyers, commencing on Thursday evening and ending on Wednesday 12 a.m. You can only bid via this platform, but you are always welcome to the viewings, which take place in Londerzeel during office hours. You can always change your bid during the auction, until closing time, after which the car is allocated; this is always done in writing by email. You can register for this and view our detailed terms and conditions on We will activate your account within two days of your registration.

You can visit our central location easily from anywhere in Belgium and abroad. Many of the cars are shipped to other European countries and to even further destinations.

If you would like to receive more information, check our sales list on This handy application makes it easy for you to see what's on offer.