Cookie statement

Cookie statement

KBC uses cookies to make your online experience more enjoyable and to tailor the content of this KBC website (‘the website’) to your needs and preferences.
You can decline cookies, but some parts of this website won’t work optimally if at all as a result. By continuing to browse this website or selecting ‘I accept cookies’, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this cookie policy. You can cancel your consent at any time by changing your cookie preferences.

Below is more information about our use of cookies on this website, the care we take in processing your data and how you change your cookie preferences. This cookie policy applies to all websites with ‘’ in the address (like and

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files stored by your browser when you visit this website.

There are several types of cookies that allow you to be recognised for various purposes. That includes storing your language preference, so visiting the KBC-website is more enjoyable and you don’t need to switch to your language every time you do so. Some cookies are anonymous, collecting information on how you use the website. Others aren’t anonymous and are used to customise pages to suit your preferences.

2. What types of cookies are there?

We use three types of cookies on our websites. See section 9 for a specific list of the cookies we use.

  • Necessary (functional) cookies are needed to enable the website to function correctly. These cookies are needed for example to verify your identity when you log in or to save your choice of preferred language. 
  • Analysis cookies anonymously collect information on how you use this website, so we can improve its general performance. They don’t identify you and only tell us what pages you look at and how long you stay on this website.
  • We also use a number of other cookies that don’t identify you to record your preferences or behaviour for various purposes:
    • Functionality cookies make browsing more enjoyable, like ensuring that KBC doesn’t ask you to fill in a survey you’ve already completed;
    • Advertising and personalisation cookies collect information about your browsing habits with the aim of offering you advertising or content that may interest you;
    • Tracking cookies follow your browsing behaviour on this website;
    • Social media cookies are used to increase KBC's relevance and to measure the efficiency of our advertising campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

3. How long do cookies stay in your browser?

  • Session cookies are stored temporarily in your browser and removed automatically when you close it.
  • Persistent cookies stay in your browser, even after you close it. They allow us to recognise you when you visit our websites again. They stay on your device until they expire, are overwritten with a newer version or you delete them.

4. Who installs and manages cookies?

  • First-party cookies are ones we install and manage ourselves and/or in cooperation with other parties (see section 9), in which case we may share data with the parties in question.
  • Third-party cookies are installed and managed by third parties They are installed when you visit a website and are stored on a platform administered by that third party. KBC has no access to this platform.  

5. What about your privacy?

See our KBC privacy statement. for more details of our privacy policy, including your rights if and when we process your personal data while using cookies.

Where KBC uses third-party cookies (see section 4), KBC makes sure that third parties have no means of identifying who you are from the data stored in those cookies.

If you’re already a customer with us, we may securely link your cookies to your personal data in our systems. Conversely, KBC adds a limited set of data (including the type of customer you are, your age group and your gender) from our systems to your cookies to tailor this website to you. Naturally, we only do so if you permit us to use cookies.

6. What effect does your cookie preferences have?

If you set your preferences on a website, it applies to all websites with ‘’ in the address. Separate preferences are set for all, and domain websites. Users of multiple browsers (like Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome) have to set their preferences for each browser separately.

7. How to change your cookie preferences?

a. Accepting and declining cookies for this website

Select ‘Change cookie preference’ at the bottom of our website pages, then ‘More information on cookies’ to choose as appropriate.
  • If you want to allow cookies, select ‘I accept cookies’.
  • If you want to decline cookies, select ‘I refuse cookies’. Remember this means that our websites won’t work as well for you.
Note that KBC doesn’t legally need your consent to continue using essential cookies (see section 2). Even if you decline cookies, this type of cookie cannot be disabled.

b. Accepting or rejecting third-party cookies

You can manage the use of third-party cookies using these links: Adhese, Appnexus, Adobe, Clicktale, Facebook, Google and Kwanko.

c. Do not track

Certain browsers let you opt not to be tracked by websites (‘Do Not track’). KBC only considers its own cookie mechanisms and does not support ‘Do Not track’.

d. Accepting, refusing or deleting all cookies

Cookies can be disabled in your browser settings. You can also remove cookies already installed on your computer or mobile device at any time. Visit to see how to decline cookies in the commonest browsers..

8. What if I change my preferences?

If you have accepted cookies for this website but change your mind later:

  • KBC will cease storing new data from the moment that you reject cookies. If you change your cookie preferences at a later time and give consent for their use again, KBC will add the new data to the previous data. 
  • KBC will continue to use the data already stored if you have given your consent to the use of “personalised information”. You can read more about personalised information in the KBC privacy statement.

9.What cookies does KBC use and why?

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KBC uses cookies to make your online experience easier and to fit your needs and preferences. By browsing the KBC site, you agree to the use of these cookies. Learn more and see how to decline cookies?Click here.