Belgian residents: don't forget to register your charging station with your grid operator

Do your Belgian employees have a home charging point? Don't forget a private charging point needs to be declared before the end of 2023.

Users of the electrical grid who have a charging station are required to register this with their distribution system operator. Those who fail to do so may face an administrative fine. Charging stations for electric vehicles must be registered in Flanders and Wallonia, but this is not yet required in Brussels.

This new requirement is intended to help predict the electricity needs of households and businesses, especially as the number of electric vehicles on Belgian roads is expected to increase. This information will allow grid operators to better anticipate changes on the distribution network and make targeted adjustments. 

What is the legal basis for mandatory registration? 

  • In the Walloon Region, the most recent electricity market decree came into force on 15 October 2022. This requires any grid user with a charging station to register this with the grid operator. En Région wallonne, le dernier décret sur le marché de l'électricité est entré en vigueur le 15 octobre 2022. Il impose à tout utilisateur du réseau disposant d'un point de recharge de le déclarer au gestionnaire du réseau. 
  • In the Brussels-Capital Region, charging stations currently do not have to be registered, but this is likely to change in the near future. 
  • In the Flemish Region, the Flemish Regulator for the Electricity and Gas Market (VREG) introduced the mandatory registration of charging stations for electric vehicles in June 2021. All charging stations connected to the low-voltage grid with a load capacity of 5 kVA or more must be registered with Fluvius. 

Check the website of your distribution system operator. 

  • There are five distribution system operators in the Walloon Region: ORES, RESA, AIEG, AIESH en REW
  • In the Brussels-Capital Region, Sibelga is the network operator but you are not currently required to register your charging station. 
  • In the Flemish Region, you must register your charging station with FLUVIUS 

If you have any questions, contact your grid operator.