Tax and your vehicle fleet

Tax obligations for company cars

Tax and your vehicle fleet

Tax obligations for company cars

As an employer, you can offer your employees a company car. That has lots of benefits both for you and your employees.

Various categories of company cars

Company cars include passenger cars, dual-purpose vehicles, minibuses and light commercial vehicles. A light commercial vehicle is a vehicle that is used to transport goods and which has a maximum gross weight not exceeding 3 500 kg. 

Employees can use that company car for purposes other than business use, in other words for private use. Private use includes free-time and  commuting to and from work.

Lots of financial and tax benefits

Providing a company car has a series of tax and financial consequences for both employer and employee.

  • Reclaiming VAT
  • Tax-deductibility of car and fuel expenses 
  • A taxable fringe benefit for employees and company managers

KBC Autolease is there for you

If you have specific questions about tax implications or other consequences of company cars, KBC Autolease staff will be happy to provide you with expert advice.

All information in these brochures

  • Fiscal reform info 2017 (in French)
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