Digital invoicing

All your invoices in one portal

Digital invoicing

All your invoices in one portal

Digital options

You receive your invoices from KBC Autolease digitally. That is environmentally friendly and allows you to make optimum use of the latest digital options.

There are several ways of receiving your digital invoices:

  • Via the KBC Autolease Digital Invoice Portal
  • By email

Digital Invoice Portal

You receive a monthly e-mail containing a direct link to the portal. In the Digital Invoice Portal you can view your invoices in one of several available formats (FinVoice, eFFF (UBL 2.0), pdf or Excel), enabling you to integrate them seamlessly with your own data and accounting system.

Your invoices are secure and rapidly accessible, and will be kept for up to 84 months after the invoice date. If the period of 84 months has expired but you would still like a duplicate, for example because an invoice has been lost, you can ask for one by sending an e-mail to

Learn more

You can make your preference known by contacting client services at or by telephone on +352 310 103-1). If you have any further questions about the Digital Invoice Portal, send them by e-mail to or contact client services on telephone number +352 310 103-1.

If you’d like to start using the KBC Autolease Digital Invoice Portal, be sure to read the manual.

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