KBC Re-Lease

KBC Re-Lease

KBC Re-Lease: Giving a second life to our vehicles

Looking for a great leasing opportunity? Why not fall for one of our recent used vehicles?


  • Fast availability
  • Low prices
  • Known vehicle history
  • A la carte formula (duration, KM, services, insurance, etc.)
  • Eco-responsible approach

All our vehicles are selected by us, and we examine their condition, mileage, technical history and specifications.

Click here for a list of available vehicles. If you are interested, please contact your sales team or via the link below.

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*Please note that this leasing offer concerns a used vehicle within the framework of a "Re-Lease" pilot project that KBC Autolease is running until December 31, 2024. At the end of this pilot project, KBC Autolease will decide on the possible development of a standard "Re-Lease" product associated with specific conditions. However, this in no way changes the parameters defined for this offer. 

Our general terms and conditions for new vehicle leasing agreements remain applicable to the "Re-Lease" activity, with the exception of the following provisions:


  • Article 1.d. is inapplicable.
  • Article 3.a. is reworded as follows: "The customer will take delivery of the car at KBC Lease or a supplier appointed in the name and on behalf of KBC Lease. When taking delivery of the car, the customer signs the delivery note, which states unconditionally that the car conforms to the order and is in good working order. If the customer takes receipt of the car without signing the delivery note, delivery is deemed to have taken place without reservations."
  • Article 12.b. is reworded as follows: "The car will be returned in good condition, clean and undamaged, the assessment being made on the basis of the inventory of fixtures drawn up on handover of the vehicle".

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