Travelling abroad

Drive your lease car worry-free abroad

Travelling abroad

Drive your lease car worry-free abroad

The whole world at your feet

You and your employees can drive the leased vehicle in all countries of the European Union.

For certain countries outside the European Union, it is necessary to apply for a certificate for driving outside the European Union from KBC Autolease. You must be able to produce this certificate on request to the competent authorities whilst you are abroad. If you cannot produce the certificate, the authorities may impound the vehicle. The most common countries requiring such a certificate are as follows: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Morocco, Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey.

Note that in countries outside the European Union for which it is not possible to apply for a certificate, you cannot drive a leased vehicle.

For info: Switzerland and Norway are not members of the European Union, but do not require a certificate for driving outside the European Union for lease vehicles.

CRIT'air ecology certification compulsory in parts of France

Vehicles driven in France's 'traffic restriction zones' (ZCRs) have had to display a CRIT'air ecology certificate (vignette) since 1 April 2017. The towns in question are Paris, Lille, Lyons and Grenoble.

The requirement applies to all French vehicles and all vehicles registered outside France: cars, lorries, vans, buses, coaches, motorbikes, etc.

CRIT'air certification is a circular sticker costing 4.80 euros including shipping. The sticker is affixed in the lower right-hand corner of your windscreen.
Want more info on CRIT’Air certification and environmental zones in other European cities? The VAB website gives you a clear overview. Make sure you apply for your vignette in good time!

Insurance whilst abroad

All vehicles from KBC Autolease, including those on short-term lease, are insured in the countries that are currently stated on the international certificate of motor insurance (Green Card).

Step-by-step procedure for repairs abroad

  1. Technical repairs carried out abroad always require the prior approval of KBC Autolease. If you have KBC Autolease assistance insurance, contact KBC Autolease Assistance on + 352 26 31 00 97 (lines open 24 hours a day) to obtain the address of the nearest garage.
  2. If the cost of the repair is more than 500 euros, The garage must telephone to request approval from the KBC Autolease Technical Service Department on +352 31 01 03 39. In that case KBC Autolease will settle the repair bill directly with the garage.
  3. If the invoice has to be paid immediately, the foreign repair service must send an invoice (excluding VAT) to: KBC Lease Luxembourg, 89B, Rue Pafebruch, L-8308 Capelle, Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, stating the VAT number LU13792766.
  4. After receiving this invoice and the proof of payment, KBC Autolease will reimburse any repair costs you have paid. You can use this form to apply for a refund of repair costs.

Breakdown service with a short-term lease vehicle

  • Vehicles supplied by Avis
    Consult the documents contained in the vehicle.


Vehicle insurance and risk cover

This information about car insurance means you can take to the road feeling secure and well informed.
Vehicle insurance and risk cover

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