Maintaining your car

Proper use, maintenance and inspection are essential for your lease car

Maintaining your car

Proper use, maintenance and inspection are essential for your lease car

Using the car

To ensure that your car, the drivers and the leasing company are all happy, you have to take proper care of your lease vehicle. Driving it carefully is essential, but you need to bear the following points in mind as well:

  • Regularly check your fluid levels and tyre pressures (at least once a month)
  • Have the necessary maintenance carried out in good time (when the onboard computer tells you and also according to the manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Don’t drive carelessly

The lease car may not be used for:

  • Paid transport of passengers or goods or for teaching family members who don’t live with you to drive.
  • Car rallies or races
  • Illegal purposes
  • Abnormal use with respect to vehicle’s intended purpose
  • Purposes in breach of the terms and conditions of the compulsory third-party liability insurance for motor vehicles


The lease car may be driven by:

  • A holder of a valid driver’s licence who meets all the conditions set by your employer (in the car policy) and the vehicle’s insurer. The car may also be used by a holder of a provisional driver’s licence if your civil liability cover is provided by KBC and your employer’s car policy allows this. In the event of reduced driving capacity (e.g. a foot in plaster), the driver must be in possession of a certificate from his or her doctor.
  • No person may drive the vehicle in any circumstances while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics (including prescription drugs).


Technical alterations to the vehicle may only be made with the prior written permission of KBC Autolease. This also applies to the installation of any accessories other than those specified in the lease contract and to the display of any form of advertising whatsoever. The costs of any such alterations are payable by the client, who will settle them directly him or herself. All accessories will become the property of KBC Autolease, legally and without compensation, and must remain in or on the vehicle at the end of the contract. Any costs incurred when returning the vehicle to its original condition (e.g. damage caused on removal of stickers) are payable by the client.


Preventative checks can avoid a lot of headaches in the long term. You should therefore have your car inspected at least once a year at your official dealer. In the case of periodic maintenance, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions, without exceeding the prescribed mileage. It is permitted, however, to have your official dealer perform intermediate checks of all fluid levels and the tyre pressure halfway through the intervals prescribed by the manufacturer.

Maintenance must be carried out by an official dealer or registered garage in Belgium. You ought to take account of the following in the event of maintenance:

  • Make an appointment with your official dealer in good time.
  • On the day of the appointment, always specify that this is a KBC Autolease car.
  • When collecting the vehicle, sign the garage’s work order for agreement. KBC Autolease will take care of all the administrative processing directly with the garage.
  • Make sure that the garage fills in the maintenance log correctly and stamps it (if still applicable).
  • Regularly check your tyre pressure or have it checked.

Technical inspection

Invitation and fees

The details of the official technical inspection will usually have been set out in your contract. You will not receive an invitation from the vehicle inspection service (Autokeuring/Contrôle technique) as in the case of a privately owned car; instead, KBC Autolease will invite you by letter to take the car for inspection. You are responsible for presenting the vehicle on time.

Costs for the technical inspection that you paid yourself may be reclaimed (with the exception of extra costs/penalties for late presentation) using the form you can find under Forms.

More information

Is everything clear regarding the use and maintenance of your lease car, but you still have questions about damage to the vehicle, tyre changes, fuel cards or fines? If so, read the answers to these frequently asked questions or this information on vehicle insurance.

Do you have other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at KBC Autolease.

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