Returning the vehicle

Conclude the lease contract with a speedy return of your car

Returning the vehicle

Conclude the lease contract with a speedy return of your car

Your lease contract is about to expire, and so you will have all sorts of questions about returning your company car. How do you hand it over? What are KBC Autolease’s rules in the event of any damage? Find out all you need to know by checking the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Where and how do you return your current car?

There are two ways to return your car:

  • If your contract with KBC Autolease is not going to be replaced:
    Your car should be returned to Carshine, Route d’Arlon, 8050 Bertrange (Belle Etoile shopping centre).
    • In the underground car park at Belle Etoile/Cactus supermarket – Note for vans: maximum headroom is 2 metres.
    • Open Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. – tel. +352 315 111 (no appointment necessary)
  • If your contract with KBC Autolease is being renewed (new car): you can drop off your current vehicle at the garage. We will take it from there. You will receive more detailed information from our delivery department (

What do you need to return along with the car?

The car should be clean when you return it to KBC Autolease and you should also bring:

  • the vehicle documents (the ‘carte grise’, the most recent tax stamp, the vehicle inspection certificate, the green card, where applicable, etc.)
  • the completed maintenance logbook, the vehicle manuals (where applicable)
  • all the keys (don’t forget the spares)
  • the fuel card(s) (if included in your contract)
  • all accessories provided with the vehicle, including (where applicable) the cargo cover, extra seats, GPS software, spare wheel/anti-theft locks and first-aid kit.

What happens if any damage is found on the vehicle?

Important: Any accident damage has to be repaired before your vehicle is returned to Carshine.

Your vehicle will subsequently be inspected by an independent assessor.
To ensure that the return goes as smoothly as possible, please clean your vehicle inside and out.
The inspection is not carried out in the driver’s presence, which allows us to keep costs to a minimum and offer you maximum flexibility.

The assessor’s report, together with photographs, will be e-mailed to you.

To ensure clarity and avoid misunderstandings, we explain below the principles applied by KBC Lease Luxembourg in this respect.

Damage qualifying as ‘normal wear and tear’ (e.g. minor chips on the bonnet) is not included in the depreciation assessment.
If there has been depreciation, that means we have determined that there is damage at the end of the contract that cannot be deemed ‘normal wear and tear’.

How come the damage is not really due to normal wear and tear?

To assess the damage, KBC Lease Luxembourg looks only at objective criteria and the guidelines laid down by Renta (the Belgian Federation of Vehicle Rental Companies), just like all other member lease firms.

Couldn’t these costs be lower?

KBC Lease Luxembourg always does all it can to keep repair costs to a minimum.
‘Smart repair’ (using innovative, alternative repair techniques offering good value for money) allows us to keep costs at the lowest possible level.

In addition, if the total cost is less than 100 euros, KBC Lease Luxembourg will bear the cost itself and not charge you anything.

Is it possible to purchase the car at the end of the contract?

Yes, it’s possible, subject to certain conditions. Contact our end of contract department to receive more detailed information in this regard ( You need to do this before the vehicle is returned.

Is it possible to keep the licence number at the end of the contract?

Only if it is a personalised plate. You will need to ask our end of contract department to transfer the plate to you by e-mailing

Any other questions?

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact KBC Autolease on +352 310 103 1.

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